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System ID:  NH/Eastern MA/RI/ME : 28;  Western MA: 119; VT: 300
My Status: Active Length of Service: 30 months
My Phone: Motorola e815

Page Plus is a prepay wireless service that uses the Verizon wireless network. Airtime is 4-10c depending on the refill card. Airtime expires in 120 days.  SMS is 8c to send and receive.  MMS is 25c plus data transport fee of $1.20/MB (some plans offer better rates)

For standard prepaid, a fee of 50c is charged on the 25th of every month.

Sellers on eBay are selling the activation kit with 100 minutes starting around $4.00. If you are going to port your number, call PagePlus and they will do it free of charge with the 100 starter minutes.

BEWARE: Some customer service issues can only be resolved by contacting a dealer, who may ask for a fee for some services such as changing the active phone on the account.

Roaming: 29c/minute. You should be able to use your phone just about anywhere there is cell service
Plans: Refills available:  $10 (100 minutes), $25 (416 minutes), $50 (1000 minutes), $80 (2000 minutes)
Phones: You can bring your own Verizon-compatible phone, or there are several to choose from (no Blackberries at this time)



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