AT&T "included" PrePaid Roaming is NOT!

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AT&T "included" PrePaid Roaming is NOT!

Postby cellgurujoef » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:47 pm

Didn't see this listed so I thought I'd put my experience here and invite others to add to it.

I live in Portland, OR and AT&T coverage is as good as any urban area, I guess.

But I was skiing out in eastern Oregon a couple years ago in Baker City (?)
and I noticed all my traveling companions (Skiclub) were using their AT&T phones
without any problems and reported that their phones said they were on AT&T,
but I kept getting a NO NETWORK report on my AT&T service with a Quad-Band
Nokia E63.

From the hotel room I called the 800 number and asked what was going on.
The nice agent explained to me that in that area, I was in, is an AT&T Roaming
Partner. And the reason I was getting NO Network is because AT&T contracts/pays
that roaming partner to only allow post-paid customers to use the network.

Grrrrrrrrr! When I got home I switched my voice plan to T-Mobile
(at the time AT&T was $0.25 per minute; so $100 for 10 cents a minute with T-Mob was a bargain!)

But I quickly realized that T-Mobile has no data plan. So I've kept the AT&T for data.
so both works for me! And if I'm in an area with no t-Mobile then I can use AT&T.
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Re: AT&T "included" PrePaid Roaming is NOT!

Postby dmarkson » Sat May 12, 2012 4:51 pm

Tmo does have data if you turn on the $2 or $3 a day package while away. Might also be worth it to get the $30 Tmo Walmart plan for a month while you are on travel.
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