Phone Recommendation for Pageplus pay as you go.

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Phone Recommendation for Pageplus pay as you go.

Postby themm20 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:59 pm

Have 2 LG VX 7000 phones which I may need to replace. 1 for my wife who uses it minimally & just for occasional phone calls & texts.
Battery doesn't seem to hold a charge so it may be time to replace. I also have same phone & would like to get a phone that I could also store a decent amount of photos (but don't need a great camera built in necessarily) & use for calls/texts. We don't "need" internet but looking into what the options are. Using pageplus cellular for a while & prefer to stay with them for phone service.picked up these VX 7000's used on e-bay & wouldn't mind doing the same again. Thanks for any tips/recommendations as I haven't shopped for a phone in like 7 yrs.
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